Dribble is all about you. Earn points based on your performance and watch yourself rise up the leaderboard as your game improves. Your story starts here.

Your game.
Your stats.

Track your performance and see your game data like never before, automatically earning points based on how you and your team perform each week.


Climb the

In-depth leaderboards across teams, leagues and positions. Whether you’re a striker, midfielder or the steady left back – see where you rank by claiming your profile.


Rewards for
top performers.

There’s BONUS POINTS up for grabs. Vote for your Player Of The Match after the final whistle and watch the rewards roll in.


How Dribble works.


Claim your profile

Join Dribble in a few clicks to see where you rank across your teams, leagues and positions.


Enjoy your match

Do your thing on the pitch. Turn up, boss the game, vote for your POTM each gameweek.


Check Dribble

Your profile and ranking will update automatically after each gameweek.  Simple.



Dribble is launching very soon. Head to the Join Us section for early access to the platform. As soon as your player profile and ranking are ready to claim, we will be in touch via email.

The teams that have more players signed up, will be prioritised when we launch. So to jump the queue, share the Dribble invite link with teammates!

Dribble points are awarded based on your real life performance on the pitch. Very similar in style to FPL, this time, you’re the player earning the points and recognition, not Mo Salah.

A full breakdown of the scores logic and bonus points can be found once you’ve claimed your player profile.

Absolutely. We don’t charge a fee for you to play the game. Be sure to invite your teammates, more teammates = more fun.

Absolutely.  The more players on the platform, the better! If you suspect one of your teammates or opponents isn’t on Dribble, invite them today.

We will be gifting prizes for standout 2023/24 season performances.

Of course. Drop us an email on info@joindribble.com if you have any other questions.

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